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Billing information

DYC Flying Scots 2012 billings have gone out and should be billed to your member accounts as follows:
Skipper Card Renewal: $125*
New Skipper Card: $125
Jr. Skipper Card: $75
Adult Sailing Class - 9-weeks: $150
Adult Sailing Class - 18-weeks: $250
Adult Sailing Class - Repeat: $125
* Skipper Cards are automatically renewed annually.  If you no longer wish to have a Skipper Card, you may withdraw and the charge will be removed.  If you do not have a Skipper Card, you are not authorized to use the boats and must re-test to reinstate your Skipper Card if you later wish to do so.
If you have questions, please contact Kelli Murphy by e-mailing: DYCFlyingScots@gmail.com