2023 Instruction Registration Now Open

Students, see the "Adult Sailing Class" to your left for the course materials.

The complete DYC Flying Scot Program Handbook is linked on the left-hand navigation pane. It contains rules and guidelines for using the boats as well as the schedule of current rates and policies. Please review and follow it whenever you use the DYC boats and participate in DYC Flying Scots events.

Please carefully review the Pleasure Sailing Guidelines in the Handbook. Remember to sign the boat out and back in, use the oldest boat unless you have a seasonal assignment, and BE VERY AWARE OF WEATHER CONDITIONS AND FORECASTS. Just because you can doesn't mean you should go out.

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Check out the links on the left for photos and awards. If you have photos of DYC Flying Scot events that you would like to share, send an email to us at dycflyingscots@gmail.com.