1. By accepting the privilege of using the DYC-owned boats, each person agrees to know and abide by all of the DYC Flying Scot Committee rules and applicable local, state and federal, including U.S. Coast Guard, rules; to reimburse DYC for any damage to Club property or boats caused by negligent use; and to hold DYC harmless for damages or claims for damages sustained by persons through the exercise of this privilege.

2. The DYC Flying Scot Committee shall have full authority over the use of the boats in all activities, including limitation or denial of boat use. Such authority shall be exercised by the DYC Flying Scot Chairperson or his or her designee(s).

3. Use of the boats is limited to DYC Flying Scot cardholders, students during classes, or to crew under the supervision of a current DYC FS Skipper or Racing Skipper who shall be aboard the boat.

4. The DYC is authorized to charge directly to the member’s account all Flying Scot sailing card and class fees as well as costs to repair damages.

5. Each club-owned boat is to be signed out and back in by a DYC cardholder each time it is used outside of class and organized events. In signing out a boat, the DYC cardholder accepts responsibility for the boat, its equipment, and all persons aboard. The cardholder is expected to neatly fold sails and return all equipment to its proper place in the shed. Boat and equipment problems requiring repairs must be noted in the proper place in the shed.

6. For pleasure sailing, the oldest boat and pleasure sails shall be signed out first, the next oldest following, etc. with the newest boat being signed out last. Notwithstanding this rule, a DYC cardholder with a seasonal boat assignment may take out his or her assigned boat for pleasure sailing.

7. The maximum number of persons permitted aboard a DYC Flying Scot is six. The boat is required to carry one U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device for every person on the boat. Each person aboard must wear closed-toe, soft-soled shoes.

8. All boats must be docked at DYC by dusk. On sailing class days, boats used for pleasure sailing must be returned and be ready for class use by 5:00pm.

9. Except in emergencies or scheduled sailing events, DYC Flying Scots may land or dock only at the DYC Flying Scot dock. The DYC House Committee must be notified if a boat is to be removed from DYC premises by trailer, such as for an away regatta or repairs. Contact the Flying Scot Chairperson to request permission to remove a boat.

10. Damage to or loss of boats and/or equipment or shed tools is the responsibility of the DYC cardholder using the boat.

11. Cardholders must observe the weather condition, sail/equipment configuration or any other restrictions commensurate with each achievement level and card rating as determined by the Flying Scots Committee and outlined in its Handbook (available at

12. Failure to comply with these rules can be cause for disciplinary action, including charges for damages and suspension of Flying Scot and/or Club privileges.

MAXIMUM WINDS ALLOWED: Helmsman ~ 10-15 mph

Skipper ~ 15-20 mph

Racing Skipper ~ 20-25 mph