Learn to Sail at the Detroit Yacht Club

The DYC's adult sailing instruction program is more than just an introduction to sailing. This affordable, exceptional program offers an introduction to casual pleasure sailing and sailboat racing, as well as many social events to meet new friends. Each year we introduce dozens of new sailors to the sport and welcome many others who want to renew their skills.

DYC's beginner sailing instruction schedule consists of two nine-week sessions running May through August. We offer classes on Tuesdays and most Thursdays, beginning approximately 6:00 pm. Students can attend Tuesday, Thursday or both, as their schedules permit. As a student, you will progress through a series of skill levels until you are sailing on your own.

Our volunteer instructors teach to your skills and experience, so even if you have sailed before this program can help you enhance your skills. Regular lectures accompany on-the-water instruction, and a DYC-specific written manual is included. An advanced sailing course featuring racing skills and spinnaker sailing is also offered for DYC members that have previously taken the basic sailing course.

We provide all necessary equipment - our classes use the DYC's fleet of Flying Scots, which are 19-foot sloop-rigged centerboard sailboats. All you need is comfortable clothing and soft-soled shoes. Please leave jewelry and cell phones on shore, too.

On a space-available basis, non-members may take the class through the Sailing Development Fund.

Skipper Skills training is also available to DYC members who have some sailing experience. Sailors will work with a coach and will practice boat-handling, docking, and rigging and repairs to refresh skills or earn a DYC Skipper Card. This program is for DYC members wishing to work on skills required to maintain a DYC Skipper Card and use the DYC boats on their own time.

A separate Advanced Sailing course featuring racing skills and spinnaker handling is also offered for DYC members who hold a Skipper Card.

For more information, contact us at DYCFlyingScots@gmail.com.

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